Fairy of Darkness, Fairy of Light

A few years ago, I worked in conjunction with a connection we have, who is able to create his own realms. He received these powers from an ancient and is able to astrally project himself and create a realm out of his mind. From such a realm, is where the powers that are infused into the piece that you see here have come. Read on, because I you are going to like what I have to offer.

In our partnership were able to create a realm that is most powerful and holds some of the most uniquely and outrageously powerful entities that we could dream up. Only, it took a little bit of time, because creating a realm is a lot like raising a child, you must teach it the things that you want it to know. You can't just sent it out on it's own into a big scary existence full of other realms that are ready to gobble it up. No, you must be gentle and patient and allow it to grow its fruit and then when it is season, you can pick the fruit and enjoy it.

The power that you see here is one that has been grown to perfection and actually what this pieces holds is the spiritual essence of a set of fairies. These fairies were created three years ago, and since then their power has evolved and matured into something that most are envious of and that few could ever achieve. They are twins of dark and light and will provide you with the powers that I am about to describe to you.

Elizabeth, whom we like to call Lizzy, is a fairy of like. She is sweet and charming and will give you the power of innocent allurement over others as a means to get what you want. She will give you alluring and stunning beauty both inside and out. You will be able to call upon her spirit to give you a boost in confidence. She will allow you to put a charm on others and in this way you will be able to control their actions and have them do as you please, when you please. She will give you the powers associated with white light, white spells spells, and white projection. She will give you the ability to see and speak with with all entities that are white and pure in nature. She will also give you divine protection over your soul, so that way it isn't take by the soul snatchers.

Priscilla, on the other hand is the dark twin. She is dark and mysterious, and will allow you to obtain her eery, but ever stunning beauty. She will allow you magnetically pull people's minds in, and then when you do... SNAP! You can shut them off and force into their heads an image or thought that you want there instead of the one that they've created. In this way you can recreate people's memories and this will allow you to get away with anything that you decide to do, whether you should be doing it or not.

Priscilla will give you the ability to eaves drop on others' thoughts, because she will open up your sense of telepathy. She doesn't always play fair, and this is sometimes how she gains an advantage, by knowing what others know before they know it. She will give you the powers associated with all things that are dark and mysterious. They've originated from the underworld, but have had a negation spell put on them, so you can think of it as a dual magic, rather than an evil one. But, Priscilla gets her way one way or another. She will give you the means of success and wealth beyond your normal means, because she likes to live a lavish lifestyle and settles for nothing less than the best.

You will receive the piece that you see here, which houses both fairies. You can choose which one you want to invoke and when or if you want to invoke them both at the same time. They are twin sisters and will work together to achieve a common cause, each one working her magic in conjunction with her sister's. Hang on, because these girls are very powerful, will remain loyal to you, and will not stop until all of you innermost desires are met.

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