There are about 10 locations in the world where people disappear,the Dunes of No Return are one of them but unlike many of these locations some people do return.

The Dunes of No Return some say are like a black hole but just not in space,on Earth and created through electromagnetic fields. it has been proven that inside time can move both backward and forward.

These pieces have attached to them particles that are much different then the God particle,these will not blow up,cause war nor mess up your cells. These are safe and prepare the body for time travel.

This area in the Sahara is also said to be a hot spot for alien activity. One of the men who did come back said that he actually witnessed a war between the human race and the alien race which took place in the 2014. When asked how he knew that he told me because like newspapers and internet of today that is all still available then.

He also told me that we have in a certain time lived through this war but the so called black hole is not like the kind in space,it does not suck out all life but instead send us through time.

With this piece you may travel using your eyes and all knowledge is real. Once your body builds up a tolerance of particles you may travel for real.

many have done this,just look it all up. Some come back and some do not. Through our own research we have found that those that do not are deciding NOT to come back for whatever reason. Maybe they have no ties to family or maybe the knowledge they gain gives them a much better life.

You ask did I go and did I test this myself? I did and I can tell you that technology is advancing as we speak but it will be only for those that have the money to buy it. You will not need that with this item.

What I saw myself was indeed war but I did not get a look at the date. I also saw that people are much worse off in morality then they are now but I guess that is to be expected. It is after all conditioning,sickening really.

This is a time travel item and it does work. This is solid sterling silver with all real gems,the item had to hold gems in order to hold the particles. You do not have to wear it but must hold on to it or tie it to you once you start traveling.
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