This piece holds the spirit of Orton, a bisexual Incubus. He is a virgin to our kind, never been with a human~!

He is 510 years young, is buff and strong, extremely sexual , and very kinky and sensual !

Orton isn't the jealous type, but is very protective against any kind of attacks that his lover faces. By bringing him home and connecting with him... you will be his new lover!

He will help you develop your psychic abilities.... as he is very curious about everything; so he will progress the visions of the past, present and future into your mind to showcase how exciting an erotic life can truly be.

Orton will want to go on walks with you and enjoy being apart of your everyday life ... this is the secret mate you can keep from your partner in your present dimension ... and get all the thrills and kicks from Orton when they leave you high and dry~!

** It is like having a spiritual affair, but you do not have to lie and keep secrets -- you just need to enjoy arousing sexual pleasure and be ready to allow his tantalizing sensual and sexual energies to attack your body.

~ He liked this vessel, for many reasons -- it is a wish bone, so he will get "lucky", it also is named BONE, and the ends come together to make the shape of a vagina -- he is a HORNY being and ready to lose his human virginity~!!

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