I received this piece from a clinic that is based out of Delaware that specializes in sexual magic.  All of their spirits are guaranteed clean and renewed.  The products are guaranteed to work as described in the product description. <br /><br />

These cherries, known as the forbidden fruit of the physical being, is a revirginator.  If you are stressed out about not being a virgin, or have a child that is particularly promiscuous and you would like to renew their virginity, this piece is perfect for you.  Here's the scoop.  Draw a bath like you normally would.  Plop the cherries into the bathtub and let them soak for about fifteen minutes.  After fifteen minutes is up, bathe yourself in the water that is now enchanted with sex spirits. <br /><br />

When you bathe in the water, the sex spirits will enter your body and rejuvenate your vagina, making it tighter and making it appear younger.  Nerve endings in your clitoris and surrounding areas will be renewed and made to feel at least ten times more sensitive.  For a man, it works similarly, renewing your sex organ, rejuvenating it, and fine-tuning the nerve endings.  For either sex, the revirginator will transform your body and invigorate your sexual encounters.<br /><br />

Additionally, if you wear the piece as a necklace, when you are around others you will appear more attractive.  The piece will allow you speak in a way that will win, for you, the guy or gal of your dreams.  The best part about it is that you can use it over and over again, as many times as you wish!  The forty-year-old virgin has nothing on this piece!!  <br /><br />

**The cherries will come adorned on a stunning sterling silver rope bracelet -- as the idea of rope being able to be used to tie you up will entice the sexual lust in this piece! GET READY TO EXPLODE IN YOUR PANTS! <br /><br />

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