The color amber is a very powerful color.  Moreover, the substance amber has metaphysical properties that are astounding.  It is amazing to think that one tiny little stone can represent so much power.  At the forefront of these powers is a connection with energies of self to cosmic energies as well as the individual soul to the cosmic soul.  The cosmic soul is the driving life force inside of us all.  It is the one thing that ties all living things together.  We all have a connection to this and amber is the color that brings about the ability to heal and mend these metaphysical properties when they are broken, so in other words reconnect your energies and soul to the cosmic energy flow and cosmic soul.  By now I'm sure you are beginning to see a value in a piece the embodies the powers of amber.  However, I don't want you to get that excited yet, because there are many more exciting things about this piece that I haven't described yet.  

I found the piece at a consignment shop outside of Pittsburgh.  I have this friend in Dubois that I go to visit sometimes, and Pittsburgh is the only city that is close to them.  By close, I mean few hours drive.  Other than that Dubois is the closest thing they have to a city in those parts.  On our trips to Pittsburgh, we stop many different places, and this time it just happened to be this consignment place.  I mean, it wasn't really anything extravagant.  It was a fair size and it took us a while to see everything that was inside.  When I first saw the piece, I thought I had originally felt a spark with it but thought maybe it could have been my imagination, so I just let it be.  The thing is that the entire time I was shopping the rest of the store.  As I passed by the piece on the way out, I tried telling myself that it was just my OCD.  I have that, where I get something in my mind and it just stays there until I do it.  That's why I chew so much gum, it helps to distract the feeling.  However, as I was walking by this ring jump out at me. I am not even being metaphorical either... this piece literally jumped out of its resting place and hit the floor with such a clunk that the cashier lady (who was super stuck up by the way) yelled at me and told me that they ask that we don't mishandle the product.  It was then that I knew this piece was going home with me.

After taking this piece home, I could tell that it definitely wasn't just my, "I gotta have this!", OCDproblems that I normally have.  There really was something about this ring that was special.  I kept testing it waiting for the universe to show me an answers.  Nothing came and nothing came and then for some reason I decided to turn my focus from the outer world to the inner worlds.  This allowed me to really bond with the piece and learn that the powers that the piece wanted to share with me did not come as a result of the outside world, but the world that is help in the amber stone that is set into this piece.  Inside this piece is a microscopic civilization of vampires.  They are not sanguine vampires, though.  They are Photosynthetic Vampires and they gain their powers from the powers of the universe.  This is that they obtain the energies from the universe and then they break them down powers and abilities that they can use.  It's a very hands-on process of magic.  

The entire legion that live in the galaxy inside this ring-- have no needs at all.  They are so powerful because the properties of the amber allows them to bypass and connect to all other forms of existence.  This allows this race of vampires to connect their energies to the cosmic energies and their souls to the cosmic soul.  The best part is it allows them a direct connection to the cosmic brain to a source of universal light, energies, and powers.  So, essentially, even though they are microscopic in relationship to our existence, they are far more advanced of a civilization than we are.  It's a shame when you really think about it; unless you get this piece.  This piece allows you to mentally bond with the legion of vampires in the Amber Galaxy, to gain their powers.  These powers include anything from bi-location to fully awakened psychic abilities, to the ability to time-jump, to the ability of casting ancient spells.  It will give you the ability, such as they have, to connect to the cosmic brain.  This will allow you to also process the energies such as the vampire in the Amber Galaxy do.  This translates into you being able to create your own powers and abilities.  To master the process, this piece allows you full communication with the legion of vampires.  When you meditate with this piece, you will be allowed to enter their galaxy in their form, to watch them, communicate with them, and learn from them.  Then, your powers will really start kicking in full force!  It's proof that big things come in little packages!

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