Sometimes all a person desires is wealth.  Sometimes there is a legitimate desire for the wealth, such as those who grew up poor and simply want a good life for themselves.  Other times the it is simply rooted down to the fact that the person who wants the wealth is a greedy bastard.  Whatever the case might be, the fact of the matter remains that people want wealth.  That is why we are offering this item, because it has been derive by one of the wealthiest, most notorious group of wealth hoarders in the world, period.  Their roots can be traced back to wealthy bankers, celebrities of the times, royalty, and world leaders.  You won't find any Joe Schmoe among their rank and that's fine.  I

n order for the world to go 'round, you always have to have a system of checks and balances.  There has to be those who have those who have not, that way there is always encouragement for those who have not to inspire themselves to have.  This is why the working class is ruled by the people that control the wealth.  You need to work really hard your entire life in order to be able to get on their level and the cruel reality of it is that as hard as you push yourself you probably never will be on that same level.  Well, unless you have this piece, or one similar to it, which are very few and excessively far in between. 

This is a pair of cufflinks.  They are not sterling but they are silver in appearance and they have a letter B etched into the front of them.  If you haven't been able to piece it together by now, the B stands for Bilderberg.  The Bilderbergers are a group of the social elite and super wealthy.  They are the ones that control the rest of the world, by hoarding the wealth of the world.  In doing this, they keep it from others and by doing this the disallow others to rise to power.  However, this set of cufflinks was given one young man upon his graduation from Yale University, one of the Ivy League schools who breed people to become part of upper crust clubs such as the Bilderberg club. 

Either way, I'm not exactly sure who they belonged to at the point.  The fact of the matter is that I got my hands on them.  The cufflinks have been enchanted with an anient Illuminati wealth spell that, when worn, will activate when it reads the energy of the body who is wearing the cufflinks.  It will in turn activate a power that will search the realms and drag wealth powers and energy back to you.  It will lay this wealth at your feet in many different forms.  In fact there are so many forms that I'm not even going to try to name them all.  Just know that this piece brings EXTREME wealth tho the person who wears it.  If you don't have a suit, then just wear these cuffs in your pocket.  It will pretty much do the say thing.  If you do have a suit, lace up, pop these babies in and let the wealth begin to roll in!  If wealth is what you desire, then you don't want to pass these up! 

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