This is Billie Dove a very famous actress of the 20's. She was also in a relationship with Howard Hughes and said to be one of the most beautiful women of her time.

Her personality is great and she will help anyone seeking an acting career. She loved being on stage and in movies. She feels that the actresses today are many but with little talent. She hopes to go to someone that is serious about a career in acting. She does not want to go to a home with children. She did have children of her own and I think that is why. Not that she didn't like them but that she just wants to remember them.

She would also like to be in a home with other actresses IF that is possible but it is not a have to thing.

I can not help what my spirits request and no children is one of hers. Any other situation is fine.

She has a very happy personality and lived a very long life before passing on. She is very easy to get along with and will give you privacy when you need it.

This is a real photo of her in a frame.

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