BINGO!!! Wealth of Tykhe

Do you love to play bingo? My one friend's grandmother sure loves to play bingo.  I mean she'll go to the walk-in bingo and just sit there playing bingo like she's getting paid for it.  Well, technically she has been able to begin getting paid for it.  This particular bingo hall gives out cash prizes, so one year for her birthday I made her a lucky bingo charm that told her to keep on her at all times due to the fact that hit held lucky powers.  She's a complete skeptic , but none the less she carried the piece with her when she went.  It wasn't long after that she came home bragging one night about how she hit a $5,000 jackpot.  I just smiled to myself.  If you knew the lady you'd understand that it's not worth the argument trying to tell her you're right.  

Anyway, the binging piece that I made for her worked so well that we have decided to make another.  This lucky charm holds the power of a Greek goddess whose name is Tykhe.  She is the goddess of the spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate.  With summoning her into this piece, the piece has become just as lucky as the last piece I made in which I summonedTykhe.  She is a very powerful goddess who has breathed the spirit of luck right into the piece upon her conjuring. 

This piece will help you gain luck while you are playing Bingo, so that way you can be the lucky winner of, hopefully, another $5,000 jackpot.  However, this piece will help you with all sorts of gambling and games of chance including the games at a casino, the lottery, and online gaming as well! 

BINGO!!! Wealth of Tykhe
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