You have probably seen Youtube videos of people showing signs of bioelectricity. As early as the 19th century, there have been cases of people being electrically charged or magnetized, resulting in an odd electromagnetic effect on the objects around them~!

Some people even show allergic reactions to technology, finding it difficult to live around devices that emit too much magnetic and electrical charges.

There have been cases of people being so charged that they are able to light a bulb simply by holding it. Others cause fuses to blow out, without any means of controlling the effect. It’s even been recorded that people with this strong force can give a static electricity shock continuously, and be powerful enough to actually hurt someone.

Bioelectricity is pulled through the energies of the moon and this ring holds illusive channels of power that will bring you the shocking awareness of flowing energy that will make you a noted threat to others. This is a protection piece that will grant physical shocks to others who try to mess with you. It is an awesome piece that will grant the adorner the ultimate level of authority!!

Do not get messed with again, or get this as a gift for someone who has issues with a bully, or is shy and gets taken advantage of~!!

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