This is the Birth of Consciousness and it is one to deeply consider. This item is a birth,a change in the chemistry that is you. You have heard of memories being passed through the DNA strands and this is a little like that. Many believe that phobia's are also passed this way. Some say that it is not true and can really be learned behavior. But through study I have found that it is passed.

What this is.

This item passes to you from your very beginning genetic line. This is the root of it all. Do not think for a moment that you do not have one. This is not a reincarnation item at all. This is your roots,not Kunta Kinte or it very could be,who knows. It all depends on where you came from.

An example of this is you could be as white as Wonder Bread but when your ancestors where first seeded you could have been black back in the days of Adam. I do not know where you will go to,I'm not you. I did do mine and it was a very confusing at first experience.  This is not that you are someone else it is what you came from.

What if you hold the DNA of a Druid,Wizard,ancient Egyptian,all of this is very possible. But you will all go back to the very beginning of what created your tribe/family.

You are wondering why you should do this.

If you do this your gaining all that these people have learned and can do. Your learning about the Great Library,The great Hall of Records, The ancient Druids and Shamans. What if you are part star seed? What if you go back to angelic beginnings? All of what they carried with them can be yours for the mere reach out and grasp.

This is a new beginning,a birth of a whole person. This takes away all that you have put up,your walls and makes you a clean slate ready to be filled with ancient and powerful magic.

it's up to you.

My day in the life is coming out soon.


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