This pendant holds an entity that is both very old and very powerful.  The piece is made out of jade.  It doesn't come with a chain, but it can be put on any type of chain or chord.

For those of you who have studied the Djinn or Jinni you are aware that unlike other spirits they do have marriages and they do have babies. These have been incubated and cultivated using white light Djinn. So these babies are going to do what you need them to do. They are instructed in wealth HIGHLY!

A Djinn is NOT a three wish deal at all,this is a myth. These will live with you,take care of you and are of white light. There is also communication too so you can speak to them and they understand you.

This is the only piece that I currently have like this one.  The djinn you get is a very rare and special Djinn and you know I do not offer them all the time because they can be wishy washy. These are not because of how they were born and trained. I will have more when they are ready but that won't be for a while. When I do the price will be around 800.00 for each one. So get this one while you still can.

If you desire one and they are sold out then you may place a request this week and get them at the 200.00 price with a down payment but they won't be ready for another three weeks.

For the first time your going to be happy and glad you got one. I may be having a picture problem if I do and anyone notices it,please let me know. Thank you.

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