A young, talented high school girl was on her way to stardom. She was a great actress, singer, dancer, and was sought after by many colleges. A few weeks before graduation, she was out shopping, with her best friend, for a birthday gift for her mother. Her mom loved antiques and so she was scouting her mom’s favorite boutiques trying to find the perfect gift. She came across a beautiful ring set in sterling with enamel flowers that she knew her mother would love. After departing ways with her friend, she got in her car and headed home.

On her way home, with the gifts in her car, she was struck by a train and killed instantly. The speculate that she was talking on her cell phone or just not paying attention and following closely behind the car in front of her; the car in front of her barely made it over in time and she was right on the middle of the tracks as the train crossed her path.

Her bright future ended so abruptly and her parents were absolutely devastated. When her mother found out from her friend that she was out shopping for her birthday gift prior to the accident she blamed herself for her daughter’s death. She felt that if she wouldn’t have been at the shop she would have been home sooner and the accident wouldn’t have happened.

The ring was recovered from the horrid accident and her mother wore it all the time. She said she could feel her daughter with her, and even would hear her talk to her. She felt her daughter’s spirit in the jewelry.

The woman and her husband went on vacation that summer to clear her mind, and didn’t take the jewelry along because she was afraid of losing it. They never returned home; their plane crashed and their bodies were lost at sea.

The contents of their home were sold off at an estate auction, which is where we came across the items. When looking at the items before the bidding began Deedee was drawn to these pieces. She felt the spirit inside the jewelry and we decided we had to buy this set.

We won the items and performed a séance to learn the whole story. The girl, who died, Kristen, came to us and told us that she will not leave these jewels because she feels that her mother will return for them. It makes us think that maybe her parents are alive somewhere on a remote island, and she is here waiting for them to return. She told us that anyone who is wearing these pieces will be protected and will be granted success in life.

All the success that she was headed for is captured within the jewelry and is carried along to those who wear them. She wanted her mother to prosper after her passing and so her spirit is inside to guide the person adorning the ring to fulfill their wildest dreams. For any of you who need that extra push, encouragement, or talent to succeed --- you will find it when you put on this gorgeous ring that is filled with love, success, and a spirit guide ~

This item gives you talent so if your looking to do anything in the arts this is it.
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