This amazing piece holds the egg of a baby dragon. It is in the process of hatching and needs you to bring it to full term.<br /><br />

You will be able to prosper with this piece as the dragon is due to be born in February. This houses a ring that the egg sits upon.<br /><br />

Holiding the egg in your hand will absorb your warmth and energies to facilitate the continuance of birthing. Also you will be want to wear the ring when you cannot be near the egg, as this will keep the spirit of the baby dragon with you.<br /><br />

Once this dragon hatches it will employ its full power awareness upon you. You will be looked upon as its parent and so it will showcase its ancient born energies that will allow you to cast powers of reflection, resistance, sense intelligence, cosmic vision, psionic detection, electric manipulation and radiation control within your spirit.<br /><br />

Are you ready to birth powers into your life? There is only one of these!<br /><br />

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