Birthing Powers Into your soul

Nearly every culture in the world is found to have had witches. They were special people who learned how to control the ways of nature; they knew which herbs healed and which were harmful, they could call up spirits, and they knew powerful charms and rituals.

The word witch comes from the Anglo-Saxon word wicca, which means "to know." When people were in trouble, or needed advice, they visited a witch.

People consulted witches when they were sick, when they wanted someone to fall in love with them, or when they wanted to find something they had lost.

Not much has changed today, except for the fact that witches are more able to be secluded. Before civilization evolved to what it has become today, the population stayed in small towns that had been cleared and built up.... those who practiced witchcraft occasionally would be in a small area just beyond the limits of the town, but often had to live amongst everyone else in order to "blend in!"

With the technology of today, witches can live anywhere and project themselves across the world through the internet. They can live a "normal" life that would not have anyone question their abilities. Also the idea of witches and powers is conceptualized in movies and stories to make common humans think it is all a portrayal of make believe.

Occultists know differently and understand that the mis-conception could be a good thing; it can help the mis-informed be blindsided by a spell. Also as the emergence of the witch and sorcerer population grows they will be able to overtake areas without a prior notice.

Many believe that witches make a pact with the Devil to gain their powers. It was claimed by demonologists, that the key to becoming a witch was to sign a formal contract with your own blood. The contract normally promised wealth and power in exchange for a person's soul.

Through research we have discovered that this is not the case. Maybe at one time witches made pacts with the Devil to enrich their powers of dark force, but other witches were gifted with their powers and used them primarily for betterment.

We have encountered many powerful witches over our years of being in business and recently learned that the powers are showcased as an endowment of projection ability.

Those born with the abilities are sanctioned with responsibilities to use their powers by their 13th birthdays, or the abilities will be absorbed for relinquishment to someone else.

Witches and Sorcerer masters are granted the potent powers that are extracted from the youth who do not concur with using their abilities.

The collected forces are normally proclaimed to someone who desires to learn and be fortified with the knowledge of occult views.

Hendrix, a Sorcerer from Suckow, British Columbia, informed us of this information that we previously were unaware of. He is a mastery power producer and houses over 275 chambers of unused strengthening powers.

Raviniska met Hendrix a few years ago, but only recently told us about him. Deedee wanted to meet him herself and after watching him perform feats of extreme ration -- she was asking about how he learned to use his powers... this is when she learned about the chambers that he held from those who were born and never unlocked their abilities!

Deedee told Hendrix about our company and how we have customers who revel in the powers and he agreed to allow us to invoke vessels with the inebriated powers that were held in the chambers.

We are lucky to have a hand full of these available to you. This is the best way to inhabit the pure powers of witchery --- these natural implanted powers will become embedded in you and bring forth the ultimate flow of occult magic into your life!

You will immediately be integrated with energy powers like....radiation control, entropy projection and radiation control.

After progressing with these powers you will be able to unlock kinetic abilities... you will be granted abilities in molecukinesis, biokinesis, telekinetic orbing; and then the mastery powers of enhanced senses, super intelligence, absorption and accelerated healing occur.

These pieces hold an array of incredible powers and abilities that you could wait a lifetime to collect --- here is your chance to hinder a whole collection of enlightened powers that are normally only granted at birth!

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