This is a real grave baby and one of only two known to exist. She is more than haunted and is actually waiting to be reborn. This baby was made before the civil war. This is a true piece of history that you will not see in many places.

Hundreds of years ago, people were buried and sometimes were not dead yet. The doctors just didn't have the technology of today to see if they had passed or not. This led to the grave side death bell. If a person was buried alive, they could reach up and ring the bell and hope that someone would hear it. Bitsy Bethie died by being buried alive.

Inside of this wax figure is the actual bones of the baby. Not all of the bones, but some of them. To make a grave baby, the child's head was shaved, a wax skull made and then the hair was reattached. They were placed into glass coffins and often had mourning hair jewelry made with gems placed in them. This one is no different. The reason most did not survive is because they are made of wax and the body like the shrunken heads are made.

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