These are a couple of pieces that bring about a startling revelation for those of you who are able to stomach it.  I must warn you, before I get into the details, that this piece is only for those of you who want real, powerful magic.  It is only for those of you who want to know the truth at all costs, because what it brings you is energy in a raw form that will give you graphic details about what is really about to happen on Earth.  If you'd rather live your life blissfully unprepared, or you believe that Obama is the savior of the Earth, then by all means this is not the piece for you.  Well, like I said, there are two of them.
Some of you might remember that a while back Deedee went on an investigation to Russia.  She was gone for a good little while, but she came back, she brought with her a collection of items large enough to start a mini museum.  Of course, we didn't.  Rather, we offer these pieces to our customers, because that is the business we're in-- offering cutting edge, unique, magical items.  Some of the items came from investigations that she went on.  Some of the items that we listed came from original investigations.  Some of the items did not.  They came from underground auctions that are held in Moscow.  Barely anybody knows about these auctions, because they don't want to get shut down and some of the items they sell there are that powerful that the government would probably want to confiscate them and use them for their own.  The Russian government isn't exactly different from the United States' government with the whole keeping secrets thing.  In fact, the two items that we are about to offer were once part of Vladimir Putin's personal collection.
Deedee was able to bid and win on these pins, which are very creepy and very unique.  She won by a large margin.  You have no idea how Deedee is at an auction.  When she wants to win something, she wins.  I mean, she wins at all costs.  This one time, she even dressed me up as an old lady and gave me a wig and a walker.  Some jerks were driving prices up on us at a silver and gold auction, so we had to go incognito.  It's a long story, but believe me... it happened.  So, Deedee was able to win these pieces at the auction.  She told me that she wouldn't have even looked at them twice, with the exception that she knew that there was a significant power in them.  It pretty much reach out and slapped her in the face, which are her exact words, which are pretty funny considering the pins are in the shape of a hand.  It was only after working with these piece and testing them that we were able to determine exactly what this gripping power was, but Deedee said that the force with which the power drew her attraction was astounding and she couldn't let them go.  
We have two of these pieces, you get one for the price listed.  They are called the Black Hands of Time and Death.  In them is placed a power that was originally created by the hand of one Grigori Rasputin.  He was a monk who became an advisor to Tsar after the turn of the 20th Century.  He did many things for the Tsar in the ways of magic, but this has got to be one of the most powerful.  I'm not saying that the original powers were channeled into these pieces, because they are clearly much newer than that.  Through the years the power has see a few vessels, these two happen to be the current pair of vessels in which this power is materialized.  These pieces were once kept by the Orthodox Church and they were once part of Vladimir Putin's private stock.  How Deedee came up with these, is a good a guess as any, but she knew once she saw them being auctioned off, they were hers!  
In each of these pins is held the power of the Angel of Death.  When you wear the pin, his power will slide off of this piece through the fingers and envelop your body.  They are called the Black Hands of Time and Death, because they hold the powers of the Angel of Death.  This is not a morbid piece, but rather one that gives prophecy through the perspective from the Angel of Death.  He can literally take you to any point in time that you want to visit to show you prophecy that you want to see.  He can show you the time that he granted the passover in Egypt and killed all the Egyptian first born.  He can show you any other time that God has sent him, such as the time that he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, when God sent him to rain fire and brimstone.  He will also give you all the prophecies of the Book of Revelations, because it will be he that brings the plague and it will be he that tortures the unsaved so that way they repent of their sins.  He will show you what is meant by all the secrets of the Book of Revelations.  He will show you all the secrets behind all the end-time prophecy that you've read about in the Bible.  This includes the Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen, the Thousand Years, the monster with seven head and ten horns, the Rapture, the Second Coming of Christ, the Harlot and the Beast in the desert, the one world government/religion and the meaning of 666.  It is a very awakening piece, but you have to be ready to embrace the truth!!   
It might sound like this piece is all gloom, but it gives you the prophecy, so that way when it hits the fan, you know how to react.  It is necessary to have the knowledge of dark events, as well.  The Angel of Death is an angel of god, just one that has been sent out to do what no other angel can do.  While seeing through these eyes, you will experience a direct impact of power, more most items, because it is a first hand knowledge of the Angel of Death and the knowledge that he has been given.  Again this is a truly awakening item!  
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