Black Tara<br /><br />

Black Tara, also called The Black Flame and The Camphor Flame, subdues and subjugates evil and vicious spirits, conquering all those who oppose or obstruct spiritual progress. Black Tara heals all illnesses stemming from spiritual or magical causes. Black Tara bestows invincible will on her devotees so that they are able to achieve all goals, aspirations and resolutions.<br /><br />
With this wonderful talisman in your possession, infused with the energy of Black Tara, you will find that all obstacles to success will be removed from your path. All curses and hexes will be lifted. You will find yourself suddenly able to accomplish everything you have ever wished to achieve. You will be filled with self-confidence, optimism, hope and unbeatable energy. Nobody and nothing will be able to stop you on your path to fulfilling your destiny. You will know exactly what you must do. Everything you need for success will be provided to you. People who want to help you will enter your life seemingly by chance. But there will be no more chance. You will be in charge. Your life, your future will be completely under your control.<br /><br /> 
And, while you will find yourself soaring heavenward on the wings of victory, you will also find yourself cured of any ailments, whether physical, spiritual or emotional. Past abuses will lose their ability to cause you pain. No one will be able to hurt you. Your happiness, your success, your self-actualization are assured with Black Tara in your life.<br /><br />
This piece showcases an upward pull of your spirit arising the power and benefits of Black Tara. You will feel an immediate pulling when you wear this piece, it is incredible. <br/><br/>
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