Enochian magic involves communication with angels and spirits as well as travel through various planes of consciousness. We have recently become involved with an individual who has been in possession of a large number of Enochian relics and jewelry. It is well known that since Enochian theory sank into obscurity, numerous theorists have adopted their theories, including but not limited to Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. This particular bracelet from the Enochian collection was used in conjunction with other items when the founders of Enochian theory John Dee and Edward Kelly transcribed their interactions with angels into the Enochian alphabet and language. Needless to say this bracelet is extremely powerful and useful to those seeking answers and guidance from divine beings. Each of the Enochian relics has a single ability attached to it, this bracelet's being the ability to detect and transcend through each of the Universe's planes. When used with other relics, it is possible to detect divine beings and communicate with them, however this bracelet will only allow one to detect and travel through astral planes.This power is not to be trifled with and can enlighten the user beyond Earthly realms. When the term enlightened here is used it means EVERYTHING,you can't hide from the things you wish not to know. You need to be a strong person to use this,it truly opens the eyes to the hidden. This is in 18k gold with real Rubies. It is bracelet that due to the power,gold and Rubies WILL give the communication,even to the point of asking for what you need and want. The rubies are special and were set in the bracelet by a Double Djinn. This Djinn is not of the evil kind and was the only one able to set the Rubies as they were set into an angelic beings forehead. Sounds crazy? Yet who cares because it is real and it is one of a kind and powerful. This is one if you miss you will never get again,you can't. I only have one.
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