This piece is from Russia and is used to hold heavy oil or ointment. The box turns it into a blessing box and also removes any evil spirits and bad past life karma.

What this is really used for is to bless you. The blessings are whatever you want,that is up to you but it must be of white light. You can ask for things you need or religious things and you get them or they happen.

The box was made by a Russian Orthodox Priest that found a secret and hidden manuscript that told of how to make the travelers boxes. These are the same as the wise men. The boxes they carried were to help them travel and have what they needed to go on the move so they could give blessing to Christ.

You may also use as a charging box but it is very small. What I suggest is that you get some of that creamy oil and use it. Whatever you place in it doesn't matter but it should be an oil.
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