Have you heard of the expression.."born with a silver spoon in their mouth?" Well this is a testament to that phrase -- as this spoon belonged to a Victorian Queen who was granted this as a proclamation of her birth. The first spoon granted is to feed the child as they grow and prosper  is a momentous symbol of their impacting successful path that lies ahead!

This girl was born a Princess and later became the Queen. At the time of her death this symbolic piece was taken out of her estate and journeyed in and out of historians collections for years!

We came across a collector a few months back while we were investigating an old castle, he was there doing a study of the grounds for items that were to be auctioned off. After talking, he invited us to see his collection. Deedee immediately felt a pull to this particular piece -- she said it had amazing activity flooding from it!

After inquiring about it, the collector told us the history of the Princess getting it at birth and he loved the history. The man, Mario, had admired the Opal necklace that Deedee was wearing, and she offered to change the necklace for the spoon. The necklace was an antique and he had to have it -- so we got this spoon!

Deedee loves antique silverware and this was an excited piece to have in her collection, but recently she kept having visions of the piece needing to help someone! We learned that this piece holds the credence of the initial blessings that were granted to the Princess and will journey the one who receives it with a phenomenal feat of monetary blessings and successful endeavors for the prospects that lie ahead in their life!

Greed is a hindrance on majestic items, and knowing she has been blessed with incredible gifts with her psychic abilities she wants to endow someone else who is need to be blessed by this spoon.

It is dated July 9, 1807. So now even if you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you can fly like the Phoenix with this piece coming into your life now!

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