Fyvie Castle --

Situated just outside the Turriff in Aberdeenshire, Fyvie Castle is one of Scotland's finest castles. Royal connections can be traced as far back as 1211, and Charles, the 1st, spent much time there as a child.

During building work in the early 1900's, a secret room was uncovered with a skeleton in it. Nobody knew who the skeleton was, but they later believed the remains were the prevailed 'Grey Lady.'

The Grey Lady was removed from the secret room and this brought about a large amount of paranormal activity.

Experiences of interactions began to become a daily occurrence. Servants and visitors became overwhelmed with conviction; they were afraid to be in the castle. After much dismay over the experiences that kept happening, the body of the Grey Lady was placed back inside the castle where she was discovered.

The activity stopped almost immediately after the corpse was placed back in its final resting place.

To pay their respects, the staff members and visitors would now go to the secret room and say a prayer. The tradition started to signify the sanctity of the building and to keep it blessed.

People would leave momentum's behind as a payment for their prayers to be answered. Over time an expansive array of items built up and the new owners wanted the castle to be cleared of the debris.

They sold off the salvageable pieces and we were able to get a prime assortment of items!

Since the pieces were cleared out, the paranormal activity has heightened again. The Grey Lady must have enjoyed the tokens of appreciation and hopefulness. The items we received have potent energy.

They have been tested and all hold the noted 13 powers of a proclaimed powerful witch.

The Grey Lady was a witch and these pieces connected us to her. We learned that she was killed because of her abilities; they foreshadowed immense power over the land and the King of the area did not like that she held more actual power than he did!

With one of these unbelievably power packed pieces you will retrieve the 13 powers that the Grey Lady mastered!

You will gain success in love; be able to curse, or bless through powers of the Heavens; speak to beasts and spirits; command the weather; read the meanings of the stars at night; divine the future with noted good advice; conjure fortune to those around you; heal ailments; prosper spells; gain visionary guidance from ancestors; fortify specialty concoctions that will develop perseverance; understand hidden codes; and converse with animals.

These enlightened abilities are phenomenal and will instill themselves within you when you acquire one of the token emblems the Grey Lady blessed with her spirit as requested by those who left the pieces behind!

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