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Similar to the well known concept of clairvoyance (a psychic's ability to see visions of events, people and places that are far away, or outside the range of normal human perception), clairaudience refers to hearing words, phrases, or just the sounds of people who are very far away from the psychic. Along with other para-psychic items that are being sold through our website, this particular item gives the wearer this ability of clairaudience. This does not mean that the wearer will hear voices of invisible spirits or those who have passed away, instead he or she will be given the ability to hear other actual human beings existent in the world today. Whether you are seeking to eavesdrop on someone close to you, perhaps living in the same town, or someone living on the other side of the Earth, you will hear their voice as clear as if they stood directly in front of you, possible only with this piece of magnificent jewelry.

This is an antique ring from the very early 1800's and belonged to a blind witch. Her energy is so strong in this piece. Her power was incredible that she could walk and see using her ability developed psychically.

There is one other thing with this piece. It has cut out stars on it and these absorb energy and one time during testing we moved a plate with the power it held. We did this by waving our hand. We know it is white light but are not sure of all it can do. This ring is also an antique. I believe it is a size 7.
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