A very wealthy woman from China had a desire for the finer things. She loved the luxuries, having several cars, boats and homes... but her favorite thing was jewelery. She had amazing response to her pieces and people were amazed by the beauty. Her collection was vast and while her husband and her were away, vacationing at another one of their properties.. her primary residence was robbed. The illusive collection of jewelery was stolen, and although the cops were called the items were never discovered. This pendant was the only thing that remained.. it was the first piece she was given by her husband when they were dating, before they had blessings of money. It is a gorgeous CZ set in sterling silver, it looks like a diamond set in platinum... it is classy and bold. Anyway, she cherished the piece and even though it wasn't one of her extravagant purchases it held meaning. She began wearing it again and money kept coming in left and right. Their business took off and sales increased, and they just had great luck in getting great deals and business opportunities coming their way! She then realized that this piece was the channel of luck... this is what brought about the money and wealth that they generated! The couple was killed in a car accident and this piece was sold off at the estate sale. Deedee knew the pull of power it held, while others weren't interested because it wasn't "real". Their loss is your gain -- you now can be enriched with amazing attributes of wealth when you adorn this piece! THE ENTIRE PIECE IS STERLING SILVER
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