This is one of my personal favorites because it is very interactive AND powerful as far as magic goes. I really don't know if you would call it magic as much as reaching down in your soul and using what is really the golden spirit. Whatever it is,it sure does work and it works fast!

This is a heart that has a cut out heart in the center. To use this piece you should add one drop of blood to it. Once you do this you can wear it and get the man or love that you want. This can be used both for men and women.

You may use this to gain any type of creatures love,human or otherwise. You may use it for werewolves,vampires or even Selkies,fairies,your choice.

This item may also be used as a pendulum and has been tested. We find that it works faster and better with the blood drop which you only need to add one time. This is very effective if looking for a vampire mate for love.
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