This piece is yet another original.  Nobody has ever encountered this power, because we are the first to have discovered and if somebody else would have discovered we would have known about it by now.  What I'm about to tell you comes from a case file that is so authentic that not even Tomer, the vampire of all vampires, knew about the existence of these beings.  I'm not exactly sure what to call these creatures, but they are vampires.  They aren't sanguine vampires, because they do no require human blood.  Rather, these beings are nourished by the light of the moon and stars which is why they ONLY come out night, unless they are in an environment that is very dimly lit.  It's not that they can't come out during the day if they choose to.  It is just that certain characteristics of their biological make-up makes it so that more of their energy is burned up in the sunlight than at nighttime.  Thus, they come out at night to moon-bathe the same way those Jersey Shore people sunbathe to get tan.  It is actually an amazing process that allows their bodies to synthesizer and break down the astral energy from the moon, planets, and stars to use them as a raw power and energy base. 

We found these being during an investigation in Belgium.  We stopped here after our last journey to Russian.  We also found another piece is Russia called Locks of Life, which is listed separately, so please make sure you look it up.  While we were in Europe there was this place that we have been dying to visit for some time now.  It is called the Chateau Miranda.  It is located in Belgium and was originally built by French Aristocrats who were seeking a place to flee from the revolution.  The castle stood for many years until is was turned into an orphanage that was used before and WWII.  However, the building was abandoned in 1980 with the family who owned the place refusing anyone the ability to care for the structure.  They were very hush-hush about why they left, but assured that the door to the Chateau would be closed forever. 

Present day, the Chateau has become a hotspot for ghost hunters of all kinds.  This fact, coupled with the fact that we absolutely love old structures is the reason why we decided to make a stop-off in Belgium to conduct a secret investigation into the place.  We figured we'd find something of an oddity or paranormal presence.  However, we never really dreamed that we'd stumble upon the discovery that we made that day.  The presence of the castle was extremely ominous, but we decided that we were doing business as normal anyhow.  We got into the castle via a window that was busted out around the side of one of the castle's towers.  It was barely low enough for me to get into it, but I squeezed my way through; and I do mean squeezed.  It was a very tiny window.  Thus, it was a challenge, but I made it.  I got into the castle and hurried to let the rest of the crew in. 

It wasn't long after we began setting up that Deedee noticed a puzzle type board on the wall.  It was done in complete Victorian Style with gold trim and velvet coverings, the whole nine yards.  Yeah, it was a bit dusty but so was the whole castle and everything that was abandoned inside.  Deedee called out for me to comes see the puzzle that she had found on the wall.  Sometimes she gets overtly excited about the simplest things.  As I turned around the corner to the corridor she was in, is when I witness her sliding the last puzzle piece into place.  The building began to rumble and a door slid up out of the wall.  There was a staircase that went down a sharp descent, which we naturally traveled down.  It seemed to take forever to get to where we were going, which I guess we really had no clue where we were going at the time.  However, at the bottom of the steps was the apex of our discovery.  It was here that we found the race of vampires resting, conserving the energy they had left for the night time.  People who say that vampires don't need to refresh are dumb.  All things require a certain amount of restored energy whether they are living or not.  We crept in on them at a time when they were recharging so they could consume more energy that night by the light of the moon and the stars.  It had been overcast previous night, so I guessed they were running of a scant energy level.

As we neared the vampires, they each began to open their eyes one by one.  The first thing I remember thinking is that we were done for.  There was no way in hell we were going to get out of this one.  They continued to wake up, there must have been about 13 of them, just standing there in a circle, lifeless until we interrupted their slumber.  If that were me, I'd be pretty pissed, but the vampires seemed to take it in pretty good stride.  Then again, when you are as ancient as they are these types of interruptions seem trivial.  I'll give them this much... more power to them on learning patience over the years.

Upon awaking the vamps seemed almost as inquisitive as we were.  They wanted to know how we'd managed to find them.  We wanted to know who they were.  Between the questions we were able to find out the following facts about the vampire entities that we found in the Chateau.  God made Earth.  After Earth was made, there was left over white matter and energy.  The magic was left on Earth and it seeped into the ground, into the inner core of the Earth.  It was left there since the beginning until a band of demons that had been cast into the world by Satan to walk the world in despair and hatred found these powers.  The leader of their group was desperate to get back to the good side and they harvested these powers and used them on themselves.  The result was a form of dual being-- a cross between an angel and a devil.  The transformation was a vampire in its truest form, because while it had the ability to drink blood like a sanguine if it wanted to, it was also a white light creature that had found the powers of God.  Therefore, it didn't need to drink blood if it didn't want to, which is why they took to moon energy as a means of survival.  Although, everyone once in a while they will hunt for blood, because it gives them power and strength unlike no other means. 

Long story short, the vampires that we had found were the vampires that were once demons, but found the hidden white light and were transformed into dual vampires, with amazing powers.  We discovered them, nobody else did, and we are the ones that are offering this power.  It is called the Blood Kiss.  It is called the Blood Kiss.  You receive the Blood Kiss with one of these pieces (we have several).  You will be able to summon one of the vampires that we encountered in the Chateau.  He comes to you when you are using this piece.  He will come to you while you are sleeping, after feeding and being drunk on human blood.  He will them kiss you on the neck, leaving the stains of his blood.  This is why the piece is called blood kiss.  His power will seep from the blood and radiate into your bloodstream.  The vampire DNA will mingle with your own, becoming one DNA and giving you a full awakening.  

The Blood Kiss will result in your senses waking up.  You will become like the vampires, without an actual full transformation. By this I mean you will gain all of the powers that they possess and have possessed over the years.  They range from anything you would typically associate with a sanguine vampire, to the ability to communicate with all beings in Heaven, the ability to summon the saints to use their alchemy and magic, and the ability refuse to take blood if you don't want to.  If you want to you can, but we wouldn't recommend going around biting anyone who doesn't want to be bitten.  That's a felony if you get caught.  Of course with your powers you will be much stronger than anyone trying to apprehend you, so I guess we're back a square one.

Listen, the whole point is that this piece brings you the range of powers of a dual light vampire.  He has all the powers that are dark and evil AND all of the powers that are light and good.  They were once demons, their powers were married with the pure white matter that God used to create the World and all you seen in it.  The result was the creation of a vampire being that can choose its own destiny and state-of-being, and who can practice a wide range of dual magic that includes magic from both sides of the spectrum.  This power is yours with one of these pieces.  We didn't have to do much either.  All we had to do was ask for their help in making the piece, and they helped us make them.  They are harmless beings, but the reason why we aren't offering a full transformation is because they will never be able to make to Heaven because of the fact that they were demons first.  This is whey we are offering these powers and not a complete transformation.  Nonetheless, this piece is insanely powerful and will give you a ton to work with.  It will be so close to being a fully transformed vampire, you won't even know the difference! 



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