ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: AGAIN, WE HAVE NEW BUYERS AND WE TRAVEL OFTEN. PLEASE *CAREFULLY* READ OUR SHIPPING POLICY. IF YOU BUY ON A MONDAY THERE IS NO WAY, NEITHER IN HEAVEN, NOR HELL, YOU WILL GET YOUR ITEM BY WEDNESDAY. WE HAVE A 10-DAY SHIPPING POLICY!!!! MOST OFTEN THAN NOT YOU GET YOUR ITEM BEFORE THAT BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT. IF YOU IN ANOTHER COUNTRY IT CAN TAKE LONGER. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CUSTOMS. WE ALSO DO NOT SIT ON OUR COMPUTERS LIKE FREAKS AND HAVE TO TRAVEL,GO TO THE BATHROOM AND EVEN LIVE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. ALSO IF YOU PLACE AN ITEM IN THE SHIPPING CART AND DO NOT PAY YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. WE WILL NO LONGER GO BACK AND FORTH EMAILING PEOPLE TO PAY. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY. BLOOD OFTEN DRIPS FROM A ROSE,LIFE IS NOT EASY. In real life all creatures do nto have it easy mainly when there is a mix of breeds. Meet Thomas and Cesilly. Thomas was is a vampire who never married,worked for the secret organization of American Vampires of which he was appointed to. Cesilly was a grocery store check out girl who was not extremely beautiful,lacked in skills but had a great personality. Basically she could be anyone of you. What was different about her was her psychic ability and her sex drive. I just realized how the above statement sounded and I did not mean it that way. What I mean is that not everyone has everything going for them.many of us have problems,some bigger then others but that is still life. Cesilly met Thomas late one night when he was taking care of business. Not fun business either. He went to stalk an asshole. Hey life is life and even if a vampire can be nice and they can,most don't take crap. She was not paying attention and ran her car into him. Her first thought was to take off,it wasn't like she had money for a lawyer. She did decide to stop. He has no fangs but the anger was clear to be seen mainly because he was hurt but it went away and they began to talk. Months went by and they fell in love and she wanted to be turned because of the age thing. That is the main reason many humans decide to get turned to begin with. IF they meet a vampire and begin a relationship the vampire either male or female feels things much more deeply it is one of the weaknesses they posess. However when it is good,it is very good. When heartache strikes it is much more then you are I could take. Unfortunately this is what happened to Thomas. He took her human life as she asked and she could not take it. She never had the mind for it anyway. She went rogue and turned on him. He tried over and over to fix her,speak to her,hypnotize her and take her back to where they fell in love. Cesilly now being a vampire was immune to his abilities as she was now like him. He waited a year hoping she would calm but she never did. Thomas was my friend and that time I took off from the website for a while was because of his death. I'm not friends with Cesilly at all and in fact can't stand the bitch. Yes I forgive but I don't forget. I met Thomas at the vampire farm and I loved him at first sight,as a friend but that friendship was deep. No matter what I did I could not pull him from his depression. I talked to him at all hours,I did all I could and then VM called me one day and said he was found dead. I won't get into how he died but it was by his own hand. I know he is in heaven because I saw him there. He is now happy. Maybe being on this Earth so long bothered him after finding someone he could love only to have them taken from him. Thomas asked me to allow him to come around but I didn't want to. After various meetings with him I said okay. In order to do I had to go and get the ring he gave her. Roses are a vampires flower because they preserve well and some reds look like blood which is and was the life force they once had. I went to her to get it back and it was a fight,I'm not a figher but I kicked that bitches ass and got the ring back. I'm not going to lie a vampire is more powerful then I but the one thing I have is God on my side and I wanted that ring so it WAS going to be mine! I have both rings,one ring holds Thomas who will always visit me,always. But we know that whoever gets him is supposed to get him and he will start his life over. The other ring is Cesilly and does nto hold her but it does hold all the powers he gave her. Thomas's ring also holds tons of power too. These are both sterling silver. Thomas's ring is a size 9 and hers is a size 6. I hate to say take them off my hands but I would really like that.
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