This dandy little gem will turn your world around. It was not one I wanted to test because I simply don't like to jab myself. Sometimes you just have to test a product yourself when you hear it can do so much wonderous magic! That is just what this does.
I'm not going to lie,it's a cheap little piece with a carved out section on one side.  This is where it will take your finger print. Take your finger and press it into the section.  Remove your finger and give it a little jab to get some blood out. Press your finger back into the section and as you do state exactly what you want. What you want is up to you as this piece is dual magic. There are no restrictions on it,except that it will not kill anyone,sorry people of darkness,this one is not for you.
Why is Blood Print so important?
In life when we are born we are born of blood. Our first breath is our blue print any good astrologer will tell you that. The blue print of your life is important. You can go and look at the charts for  Charles Manson and Ted Bundy,they were never going to have a normal life,it was all in the charts. Things get squared,certain planets are in line for destruction and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. You can go to a astrologer that will tell you all things are good or they speak in generalizations,never really doing a true and accurate reading. The bottom line is just like every hair on your head is known,so is your outcome. While the outcome is always meant to be it is indeed a blue print and blue prints can be rewritten! That is what Blood Print is all about.
My suggestion to you would be to have a chart done and a future cast read. Then to use your Blood Print but it is not needed.  We all know out faults and issues and what is going on in out lives. We cna change it with a simple Blood Print. Why wait for the bad or the negative when you have the power to change it?
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