This is a nice set you will be glad to have. This is the same as the other piece that sold but a little more power to it.

This is all real stones,Emeralds,Sapphires and I forget what else in sterling silver. It comes with a necklace and earrings.

I think this one is silver,let me double check. okay I checked and it is and those stones are very beautiful too.

If he is not coming around to your way of thinking or giving you crap or if he is not moving fast enough then this is the one. Also if he gets weird on you or you need to be noticed more then go for it. This is also beautiful and you will be proud to wear it.

You can also give the necklace or earrings away and it will still work as long as you keep one.

The other thing this one will do is to bring you a mate if you do not have one so it is a little different then the last one.
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