Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds --- but they normally only let humans hear about 10 of these. The other ones are normally retained for times when they are alone, when they are on the prowl, or when they are mating!

The extreme clarity of their vocal chords designate the power behind their "MEOW".

Raven implemented the strength in a cats vocal chords into this item, as the cat has a stronger palette of power then we humans.

Have you ever wondered how singers like the late Whitney Houston, or Celine Dion and Martina McBride can hit so many notes? How can they belt out high sounds that the rest of us are not even able to reach? Some say through training, and yes that is part of it -- but the magnitude of those who are "born with the gift" have been imparted with vocal chords that are channeled with the luxes of a cat.

The vocal chord of powerful singers are twisted a bit in areas which allow for the flood of more breath and vibration in their voice.

If you were not blessed with the twisting chords, but wish to be imparted with the granduer of a great voice and have extreme talent -- then this is your piece!

The emergence of the cat like strands and sound will radiate to emerge within you to allow for a new clarity, heightened power and extreme pitch!

After you work with this you should sign up to be on one of the reality shows such as: American Idol, The Voice, or America's Got Talent~!!

** This is symbolized for VOICE, as that is what you will be know for when you utlize the power of this pendant~!

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