This one is not getting hit by the bus but smacking someone else with it! This is non-toxic love to you but a real bomb to those you are trying to get. You could call this the web of love since once they are in,they are done. To use this item you only need to wear it either around the person or sleep with it under your pillow along with the persons name and then wear it the next day. You can only use this for one person and then it is done. So you want to make sure that you really want that person. This gives you sex appeal,charm,class. And believe it or not class is an important thing. You may thing you are all classy but you may not be. if you use foul language or do not have good table manners then this will also help you with that too. You will also appear to be beautiful even if your not. But I think everyone is pretty in their own way. I know I would not change myself. You will get all of that and a supernatural ability that will allow the person you seek to see you in another way and that is all good. This is a very serious item because if you decide that you do not want the person then where are they left after that. This is what I like to call dual magic. I say this because you are taking a person and molding them into something they might not be or naturally want. The choice is yours. There is also a  spirit that comes with this of a very well known person who will not hurt you. You will be given the name when you get it in the mail.
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