This piece is a Blue Cap. The story behind these is one that many will not want to hear but we bring everything we come across to you. You decide if you want to buy it or not and how you wish to take it. I'm going to give you the legend and how testing went and then it is up to you. Blue Caps also known as Cutty Soams are said to be the ghosts of Jews who can do nothing but bring wealth to those that own them. In this case these beings are OWNED! These are supposed to be the Jews who helped to crucified Christ. Because of this they are damned to work for others that need wealth or just want it. These Blue Caps are very rare many will say they have them but they have to be certain ghosts to work,they must have been alive then during that time of Jesus. I was lucky enough to get a few,but not many. These came from a Jewish family that believes this is the true story of the Blue Caps. Most people do not like to hear this but it is what it is.
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