Blue Lake

Native Americans are very spiritual people-- in sync with the spirits and forces of nature that surround them. They can offer a multitude of insight regarding spiritual travel and getting in touch with your telepathic side. So, it should come as no surprise that these are the folks that have provided me with the pieces that you see above. They are very potent pieces that will give you great potential and power. If you are as interested as I was when I first discovered the power these Indians had to offer me, read on.... I promise you will not be disappointed.

Situated high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico is a sacred Native American lake. The lake itself is as old as time. The Taos Indians, from whom I received the pieces above, believe that this lake is inhabited by old Native American spirits that were sent from the gods to watch over their tribe.

Naturally, I was interest in what source of ancient magic I might be able to find hanging around the area. I have family in Arizona, so I used them as an excused to embark upon an escapade to find powers in the crisp, clear Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.

When I got to Arizona, I visited my family and then began the trek from there to Northern New Mexico, where the misty and Sangre de Cristo mountain range greeted me. I held counsel with the elders of the Taos Pueblo tribe, and they agreed to assist me in my exploration of Blue Lake. Blue lake is the sacred lake that I mentioned earlier and is the home of many Native American rituals and holy ceremonies.

In ancient days, the Taos Indians would make the holy pilgrimage up the mountain to Blue Lake, where they would make offerings of enchanted turquoise to the spirits of the lake, and ultimately the gods. For the Taos, Blue Lake was the alpha and the omega-- the beginning and ending of life as we know it, the very essence of existence itself.

With the help of the Taos Native American elders, I was able to effectively hold a conjuring séance, during which I was able to obtain some of the power that is beheld by the enchanted lake of the ancients. You can also obtain this power by securing one of the pieces that you see below. These pieces will inhabit you with your very own spiritual elder, with whom you will experience more spirituality than you have ever before experienced. He will give you the power to master your sixth sense, giving you the ability to communicate with all facets of the spirit realm. He will also give you ability of water gazing-- that is seeing visions of the future by gazing into water, while tapping into the power of the spirits that you will now acquire thanks to your newly found magic inhabited in this piece. You will be able to given secret messages from the Taos ancients, because your piece is going to open up your third eye, giving you the ability to really sense your surroundings for the very first time.

These three pieces have bestowed power and abilities and are the only conjured items we were allowed to ignite! The spiritual elder has evoked immense abilities to understand and use the prophecy of your sixth sense and allow communication across the realms of the spirit worlds.

Any of the items will work for both a man or a woman ---

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