Bona Gens

Chivuto was a was a woman that practiced along with many others the Magic of Madona Horiente. This magic is one of transformation and collecting from the dead. These people were able to gather knowledge of so many magics including herbal,medicinal,bewitchments,divination and turning to various animal forms.

One of the main things they did was to participate in Visionary travels at night. This meant that they traveled with the dead who guided them.

The Catholic church ended up banning the practice. For some reason the church felt threatened by this and went door to door trying to collect what some of these people brought back with them from the travels. The church was never able to do this because the Madona Horiente showed the dead how to shield the gains from those who did not travel or from those who the Bona Gens did not want to share it with.

Chivuto shares all with you and she was a well traveled Bona Gen. Her experiences and what she gained come in what I like to call spheres or orbs but they are NOT orbs. It just looks like this with something inside of it. What is inside of the orb is what you want. These are exciting! You get the orbs or spheres to appear and you decide if it is something you want to use.

Just to let you know,there are some things that I do NOT know what they are but that is what learning is all about. There seems to be so many of them that I could only look and use a few. I have looked at about 30 of them and all were different but nothing was evil or bad. Now there was some abilities that could be used as dual and I believe were. Which your going to get when you travel or take gifts from the dead no matter what. This is caused because they are in a state of both worlds. Yet these are fully operating Theta because they are aware.

Some of the things I have seen are tunnels which open into other dimensions,eyes which give your pituitary gland a boost of energy,knowing other astral languages,vision into the future and so many others. When I say dual there was also a few that do protection by means of making another person weak and unable to cause trouble. There are so many various things.

Chivuto is only one that I have and this is a great item because there is magic I have never even heard of and things I learned that blew me away. In the paranormal world you are always learning and this was exciting to see something different.

This piece is sterling silver over 100 years old a size 8.
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