The Sirin comes from what was called Indian lands and near the door or gate to Eden.

This is called bone crushing because in each heart of God,the vessel, is a dusting of the ashes to ashes or the dirt of Eden. The Sirin is a half woman half bird that also has a Godly Nimbus over it's head which heals and gives power to those that see it or feel it.

The Nimbus is a halo which all angels have. These Sirins are the same one that you can read about in the bible sitting in the tree's of Heaven. This is all pure white light.

What your getting will create a real Nimbus for you. Use the ashes/dirt to sprinkle on your head and then take a picture and you will see the actual results. Your not looking to see but you can ,what you want is the power the Sirin gives you which is pure. So you decide what power you want and as long as it is white light your all good!
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