Book of the Dead

Ever have a near death experience? Well, then you have something in common with ancient Egyptian High Priests. Ever want to gain the knowledge of the Egyptian magic that has been recorded in the Book of the Dead-- the very magic that helped the Egyptians build huge stone pyramids and sphinxes? Well, now you can. Now, before you start jumping up and down in your seat with excitement let my explain, because maybe you will change your mind.

The piece that you see above has been sent to us and is the product of another successful excursion at the hand of Emir, our beast in Middle East. He traveled to Egypt after rumors that an ancient Egyptian high priest named Nementeph had been visiting local residents, blessing them with visions of the future and blessing them with the divine spirit of Osiris, which provided them with the enlightenment of the Book of Dead.

Do not be confused by the Book of the Dead, this is not an evil entity. In fact, it is quite the contrary. The Book of the Dead is a book of divine visions as described by the high priests that had them. To become a high priest in ancient Egypt, the person applying for the job had to be spiritually strong to be able to give direction to the people, and what better way to give divine providence and guidance, than to experience it yourself? So, to prove that they were strong enough, the individual was drugged, leaving them in a state of euphoria. While in their state of euphoria, if the individual was destined to be a high priest, he was taken to the realms of the dead and given visions of the secrets and magic held within this particular realm. If he wasn’t, he was sent back empty handed. On the third day, the high priest would rise, and give account, if any, writing what he had experience in the Book of the Dead. In this way, the Egyptians knew exactly how to prepare for the inevitable factor of death.

After hearing about all this, Emir traveled to Egypt to find out what exactly was going on. If there was, in fact, and ancient Egyptian, running around on the astral plain in Egypt, he may be able to solve a million different mysteries of the Egyptian civilization. So he headed over to Egypt from where he was at in Palestine. He was welcomed by the people of Giza, the town that was having the spiritual experiences. He went to the place of the alleged contact. Needless to say, he didn’t come back empty handed.

By day, he gathered as much information as he could. By night he would hold séances, attempting connect with the spirit world, and more specifically, the essence of a past high priest. He was successful in his attempt at contacting the spirits, and, in fact, he was highly successful in securing the spirit of the Egyptian high priest, which is now inhabited in the piece that you see above. He sent the piece to us, and after extensive investigating we, also, have been able to confirm that the spirit contained in the piece is that of an Egyptian high priest. We have also determined that you will be able to summon the power of his spirit to gain his powers as your own. During your summoning, the high priests spirit will intermingle with yours, marrying both entities as one, and giving you all the powers of the high priest. You will receive prophesies and visions as according to the ancient Egyptians. This will give you the secrets and perceptive comprehension of ancient Egyptian magic, which you will now be able to source and use to your advantage for whatever purposes suit your fancy. You will be given the powers contained in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, being able to see into the realms of the heavens and the ancients. You will be amazed at what you can discover when you really seek knowledge and enlightenment. You will be in close proximity to the Gods at all times, giving you divine influence over beings and powers in this world; after all, you are know a high priest. This means, you will gain a full understanding of the beings that assisted the Egyptians in building the pyramids, and how the continue to help governments such as our own, the British, and the Russians. This piece is not to be take lightly, as it hold great powers. Reserve your piece today, and remember: Be safe. Be responsible.

There is no piece to reserve as there is only one. Jason and myself have both tested this item and the power is much more then what Steve first expected it to be. Seeing into the realm of the heavens is a most exciting event! Seeking the knowledge is quite strange too because you never really know what your seeking because we don't know all that is out there until you try this piece.

This black rod on sterling silver is NOT to be played with. This is a dual piece and can do either as we found out while testing it. When it is said that you will hold influence that is MORE then accurate. While wearing this piece you will feel the intermingle,the power and the control you will have. I used this a little while ago.
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