Dreams are very important. We use dreams to learn important information, prophecies and lessons. Sometimes a really vivid dream is actually astral travel. You could be learning the secrets of the universe and not even realize it! A meaningful conversation in a dream could actually be your spirits communicating with you. Because dreams are so important, it's vital to remember them.

This piece is incredible! It takes the energy of your dreams and makes them surface and be held within this bracelet! Your emotions will stimulate inner imagery, making dreams, imagination and memories more alive and real.

No more thinking you are having de ja' vue; you will remember your dreams and understand their meanings and concepts. Most people only can recall small portions of their encounters while sleeping. With this bracelet on your arm, while you sleep, your dreams will be captured within the blue stone of the hand and will be accessible when you are awake.

In using this bracelet you may call upon Gia and ask for what you want and need. It is usually provided in a piece that you will have appear or find. We have had three great tries with this piece that did that.

This is an extraordinary piece. THIS IS ALL STERLING SILVER AND A REAL STONE

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