It is commonly known knowledge that there are distant planets that exist outside of our solar system. Not too long ago, scientists discovered an Earth-like planet outside of our solar system that could possibly be hospitable to human life. This new planet has been estimated to be 50% wider than the Earth. It is host to oceans of water and sustainable plant life. With this new piece, you can allow your mind to travel to this new Earth like planet, and see it for yourself! <br /><br />

This piece has been powered with mind traversing magics, and has been telepathically linked to this new world. By wearing the piece the wearer can take their mind lightyears away, following a path set by the enchanter of this piece, a wizard who has been mapping the universe for most of his life by way of his advanced understanding of mind traversing magics. In order to allow your mind to travel to this brand new world, one must first train their mind to traverse the universe. To go about this, wear the piece and find a quiet place to be alone. Once you have a proper place, sit down and close your eyes, and begin to envision space. Then focus your mind on a certain planet within our solar system. When i tried this piece out, I envisioned Mars. After 5 minutes of imaging the planet, suddenly i was drawn into my visions, and felt as if I was actually there! I explored the surface of the planet, looking at every rock and canyon. After I was content with what I had seen, I thought of Earth, and as soon as I did, I awoke within my body, in the quiet room I had left my body. I was amazed at what had just happened to say the least! After training your mind in the ways of traversal for 3 to 4 days, you are ready to make the trip to this distant new Earth. <br /><br />

Begin by doing what you have been doing while training, except this time you must speak these three words: Mind. Light. Space. By saying these words, the magic within the piece will sync to your mind, and prepare to take your mind to the new Earth. Because no one has ever actually seen the planet except those that have used this piece before, you will not be able to envision this planet, but these words have been encoded with the magics in the piece, so it knows exactly where to take your mind. Be sure your eyes are closed, and keep repeating the words until you begin to see strange colors. Now just sit back and keep focus, because these colors mean that your mind is traversing through space! Before you know it you'll be standing on the new Earth! Now go ahead and explore its surface. When I went I saw vast, empty oceans, and beautiful scenery unspoiled by man. It was truly a rare and wonderful sight! Be warned, because this planet is so far out of our solar system, you may only have a limited time to visit. Don't worry though, as you can go back whenever you like by simply repeating the ritual. <br /><br />

This piece is truly a wonder, and those who use it can visit this amazing new world at their leisure. Go there to explore, or simply to get away from it all and take in the sights. Have a whole new world to yourself with this piece!

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