Dixmont Mental Institution 1800’s

In Emmsworth, Pennsylvania there used to be a mental hospital, Dixmont Mental Institution. This institution was used for mentally challenged patients in the 1800’s and was taken over in a rebellion by the patients. We have a ring that belonged to the head nurse of the institution prior to its patient takeover. This piece was passed down over the years and has a small flower on each side and a yellow stone in the center. This is an antique and in sterling silver.

The yellow stone symbolizes life and blood force energy; it also protects against hazards of the night. This pin is what saved the nurses life during her time at the hospital. There were several employee deaths due to patient breakdowns and out of control tantrums.

Bearing this ring will grant you meditation abilities that will enable you to cleanse your heart and aura. You will be seen in a new light by those who may have looked right over you in the past. You will gain respect and trust from those around you. This bears the strength to cast a light upon you that will give you the integrity to grow in all your future endeavors! The really great thing it does is to break the darkness and recharge and clear the heart chakra.

It has strengthened others since the 1800’s and it is waiting to be adorned on you to bring you the vitality and empowerment that you have been looking for~

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