This one is gorgeous and it might not look it from the pictures but it is shimmery and all glass. This is a cloud of angelic beings. All of them are different types with many functions.

I can't say they are angels but rather hold the power of those angels. When you need it they can and often appear. They are nothing to be afraid of and will communicate with telepathic ability if they see your in dire need.

With this piece one angelic being that is designed just for you will take over in helping you. They will know all about you and you will need to tell them nothing. If it is protection for you or family,if it is psychic vision to help others,or doing something else it doesn't matter. What ever is going to benefit you and others is what will take place. This is different for everyone.

Another thing this does is to break down those barriers that prevent you from moving forward. There is special strands in the glass that heat up along with your body to cause a slow change in the inner workings of the mind. It moves up through the through into the brain and will work with the brain waves to fine tune them. By doing this your allowing what only angels possess to now become fully a part of you and the magic and power you can do. Many times this includes seeing your spirits and hearing them.

This is a great piece to have and doesn't take long to work with either.
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