Tomer gave us this piece. The powers in the piece came from and ancient Kabbalist society. Most of these members exist til this day in one form or another, Tomer being one of these members. The knowledge he obtained is from the B.C. time period, however the piece is newer than that, obviously. This piece invokes a kabbalist power known as the Ladder of Life, also known as the Ladder of Light. The Ladder of Light is a route to higher consciousness, whereby, the human mind can function independently of the mental prison in which is currently resides. God made us this way, because he wanted us to turn to Him. He gave us limited knowledge, which is why Adam and Eve got thrown out of the Garden of Eden for eating of the forbidden fruit. This piece acts a ladder of ascendence that will render you existence to be that basically of an angel in perfect form, who has been given the knowledge and mentality of God. Gaining a better understanding requires knowledge from the Tree of Life, and in the Bible, it specifically compares the Ladder of Life to a Bridge between Heaven and Earth, or a power that bridges the gap between humanistic knowledge and pure knowledge of the Universe. This item, which has been made by Tomer, allows you to ascend and cross the Bridge to Heaven. This will give you a white light psychic connection to all the realms and levels of Heaven, allowing you to communicate with Angels, once you become like them. This piece is a beautiful white light piece. To use it, you must merely wear it. As with a lot of our pieces, the more you wear it, the better of a bond you will create with your piece, making the your experience that much more powerful!!
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