This piece brings to life your hidden power to learn~!!  Effortlessly with the energy from this piece you will find yourself responding to the convention-shattering breakthrough of fundamental discourse.

You will find yourself in control of the ever-incresing powers of Rapid Learning, Vocabulary Building, Problem Solving, Clear Thinking, Friend-Making and much more.

The embrace of this endeavor will be brought to the surface of your mind and will automatically spring into action, so you can prove to yourself that all of the empowerments that you will gain are tricks that need to be relinquished upon you!

Problem-solving is a trick; speed-reading is a trick; concentration is a trick; burning facts, fgures, even articles and information from books is a TRICK!!!

** This will bring about computer like brilliance to you~!! Do not worry about how you have done, or are doing in school.... this is nothing you need to study -- you will be granted the abilities through connction with this empowered emblem.

No longer feel like you are missing out because you are less educated, or because you do not like to read -- as now you can conceptualize the means of a book in no time --without feeling like it is a chore.

The many elements to this piece are incredible and will radiate the triggers in your mind to bring you enriched prosperation to your mental tools -- so you will skyrocket with astonishing result~

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