Is that a BANANA in your pocket?
This erotic talisman is a one of a kind labor of love. Grizzelle spent a lot of hours working on this piece!!

Sexually men are put under a great deal of pressure. The act of sex tends to end at the moment of the male's climax. What if you climax, but are fearful that you have not given ultimate pleasure and fulfillment to your partner? 

The shame, worry,  and concern will overwhelm what should otherwise be a wonderful feeling, a wonderful moment~!
Men must contend with worries about premature ejaculation, concerns that they aren't well endowed enough, fear that they are not performing as well as their partner wishes they would/could, and more. This fear, and anxiety takes away from the beautiful act of sex, and reduces it to a worrisome endeavor. It should not be that way, and with this incredible, potent item in your life it will not be that way ever again!!
This sexual token will sync with your spirit's energies and make you a dynamic lover.
The energies in this item have proven to increase the following:
  • Sexual power
  • Vitality
  • Energy
  • Staying power (last longer in bed)
  • End premature ejaculation
  • Promote multiple orgasms
  • Increase size, girth, durability
  • Increase attractiveness
Magic is a very powerful essence that has somewhat gotten lost in today's modern, technological world. The power of carefully crafted, and executed magic has been used for thousands of years, by Kings, Queens, Pharaohs. This unique magical talisman will immediately make you a more dynamic and erotic lover.
With this incredible piece you have nothing to lose, but oh so much to gain. 

Enjoy your life to the fullest, and live the way you desire .... this piece does not have to be worn, although it can be if you choose~! This simply needs to be kept near you, and kept safe for it to work.

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