Brotherhood of the Blood Shroud This item was recovered by Shine from inside of the Vatican. The piece is not terribly old, however the powers that are held with in are archaic. The piece comes from a Brotherhood; it is a Brotherhood to which Shine belongs, that he joined for the specific purpose of obtaining the power, to get them out of the wrong hands and give it to a person we can trust across the board. Generally speaking, the Catholic Church is a noble institution, however, there are those that cause the demise of all, and that is the case. This piece holds the powers of the Holy Shroud of Turin. This item has been kept secret because of its omnipotent energy and ability. There have been a few more made like this, but the Catholic Church has been covering the powers up, charging the protection of the powers to a group of magii that have become immortal since using these powers. They have assumed the ranks of the top cardinals of the Catholic Church and have secretly become known as the Brotherhood of the Blood Shroud. The Holy Shroud of Turin, itself has been laid to rest in a vault beneath the Vatican, with a duplicate copy on display at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Northern Italy. Catholics refuse to acknowledge this, because they never even officially acknowledged the Shroud as a relic. Oh, but they know, which is why they've seized it. The Shroud contains the impression of Jesus' face, that depicts the suffering of his crucifixion. It is the loin cloth Jesus was wearing while he was being lashed, forced to carry his cross, and hung up to die. It contains his original blood stains and holds all the original powers of his blood. To fully create and activate the powers in this piece, it was wrapped in the Shroud so it would be making contact on all sides. It remained covered for three consecutive days and on the third day was ressurrected, in similar fashoin to the resurrection of Christ. It was then the power was fully manifested and ready to be used. Shine polished this piece and made it stronger by adding some of his own blood alchemy rites to it, so this piece is rearing and ready to go. What does it do for you? Well, it embodies the power of Christ, who is 1/3 of God, the Alpha and the Omgea. He is the presence of all things and the absence nothing. Therefore, this piece gives you the ability to create your own powers. Maybe you want wealth power, or spiritual ascendence power, or witchcraft powers, or vampire powers. Maybe you want to manifest your psychic powers or telekinesis. This piece literally can do it all. There is no limit on the amount of power you can create, or the number of times you can use this piece. It is original and one-of-a-kind. This piece is another one from the collection that Shine gave to me, telling me that he wanted to disburse these among the mortals. The time is coming when we are going to need a magical backup plan. We're exactly sure yet what or when, but Shine warned us. Additionally, he doesn't want the powers to fall into the wrong hands, such as back into the Brootherhood of the Blood Shroud who have been using it to fulfill their own greedy agendas. Take care of this power and it will certainly take care of you!! Any piece from the Vatican is one to be treasured! They have stolen so much that many people could get use out of. This comes with two pieces and you need to place them together. One is baptised salt and the other is this crystal that holds the blood. You will forever treasure this and see an entire new life form before your eyes.
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