A hot pick for Valentine's Day --- this piece is INCREDIBLE!! This will allow you to build the perfect mate for you!

Are you extremely picky and have it down to a science of what your future mate will look like? 5'11... 185... dark brown hair, green eyes, 34" waist? If you have these desires, and certainties of depiction then you need this ring... otherwise you will waste years trying to meet this person you have designed in your head!!

You also can anomalize the ambiguous traits to change things about yourself!!

Each stone holds a unique propety that will conspire the rations of desire and trigger them to erupt within you, or attract someone with all you desire to come forth in your life!

The ring itself channels telepathic abilities which bonds with the sediments of power in each stone to build the perfect mate for you, and allow you to impart assets upon yourself.

This will not last... as there is only one of these and testers were floored with the results!

Again, each stone is a different thing you can put inside of someone to make them what you want, or you can create into the world an embodiment of your selections -- and the Universal surges of power will impart them upon someone and they will be molded and come into your life within a few weeks!

Unusual and intense piece, do not miss out on this one!! Fun is to be had :)

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