Scientists are beginning to sort out the stellar ingredients that produce a type 1a supernova, a type of cosmic explosion that has been used to measure the universe’s accelerating expansion.<br /><br />

Two teams of researchers presented new data about these supernovas at the American Astronomical Society meeting on January 11. One team confirmed a long-held suspicion about the kind of star that explodes, and the second provided new evidence for what feeds that star until it bursts.<br /><br />

“This is a confirmation of a decades-old belief, namely that a type 1a supernova comes from the explosion of a carbon-oxygen white dwarf,” said Joshua Bloom, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley.<br /><br />

Bloom and his colleagues have been studying supernova 2011fe, the explosion that became visible 21 million light-years away, near the Pinwheel Galaxy, in August. When the PIRATE telescope in Majorca, Spain, wasn’t able to detect the supernova just hours after it exploded, Bloom’s team could set better limits on the size of the star that exploded. They concluded it must have been a white dwarf. When the dwarf — fed by a companion star — gets too heavy, a runaway thermonuclear reaction ignites in its core, producing a fireball bright enough to outshine surrounding galaxies.<br /><br />

But the culprit behind the dwarf’s mass gain is still a mystery: Although scientists know a companion star is feeding the dwarf, they don’t know what type of star that companion is.<br /><br />

Dee lives in Californina and heard about this study being conducted. We were able to contact and gain some information, as we have an elite group of testers who deal with mysteries and anamolies from Outer Space! <br /><br />

Stars hold remnant energies that surface through the Universe and bring about a ton of power. Stars travel for hundreds of years, so to be able to learn and gain from this was very valuable.<br /><br />

Victor was allowed to interject his knowledge to the scientists and he learned that they obtained authentic follicles of pieces from the star where it exploded. <br /><br />

The star resulted a central bubble that instead of being shredded and destroyed, was chucked from the epicenter. This is very rare and allowed for this great study.<br /><br />

Victor was granted a sliver of this star and we were able to use it to invoke a very powerful piece. <br /><br />

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