This item is called bursting bloom and it is wonderful. All you need is a chain for it. The entire piece is made of glass and energy. You wear this close to the skin and it will conduct energy. It does this because the glass will heat up but it is also made with real gold ans silver mixed with the glass. This is for protection and magic but it also conducts electricity.

What it does for you.

Wear this item to wash your energy clean while at the same time empowering you through the heart chakra. This causing your spirit,energy and magical ability to bloom

This is a sale item,all information is in this description,this is one of a kind and hand made,and to use it just wear it for 8 days. If this is a gift for a person under attack or with real heavy duty negativity around them they need to wear it for 14 days.

If my typing is off I hurt my neck and I had to take a muscle pill. I know that I told people that I would get stuff on so I'm still going to do that for a little while

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