This ring holds the holy powers of God in it.  The ring is not sterling or gold, but it is a very powerful relic.  This is because the essence of a very powerful person was put into it.  This was done during a conjuring session, during which we asked for an intervention to take place on this piece.  The person we conjured was Constantine.  You probably recognize his name, because he is one of the greatest Roman Empires to have ever lived.  He is also the emperor that is credited with bringing Christianity mainstream.  He did this after he received a vision from God.  In his vision Constantine saw a holy cross made of nothing but holy fire.  Above the cross was written, "By this symbol will you conquer."   
In the months prior to his visions, Constantine sought the heaviest persecutions of Christians that was seen during Roman times.  He killed those who believed in Christ, simply because he felt it was his duty in believing in other gods.  However, when Maxentius took control of Rome, Constantine needed to turn to a steadfast God that would help him get the job done and get it done properly.  This is when God sent him the vision of the cross in the sky.  His whole army witness it; however, Constantine had trouble deciphering the vision.  This is when God gave him a dream to supplement the visions.  
In his dream, Christ appeared to Constantine.  With Christ was the same burning inscription as before, "By this symbol will you conquer."  Christ commanded Constantine to make symbols of the cross for the battle he was waging the next day.  Constantine won the battle with unwavering success.  This is when he converted to Christianity and adopted Christianity as the Roman national religion.  He put an end to pagan worship was infanticide, and ordered the oracles to stop prophesying.  From that day forward, it was the Holy Roman Empire.
The powers of Constantine have been set into this ring.  With this ring you will gain the same types of visions that Constantine received from God.  These visions will be instructions for your life and will dictate what path you need to take in order to achieve the types of success that you want.  For instance, if you want to become a parent, God will show you the path you must take to find the right partner.  The same goes for true love.  If you want wealth, God will show you visions on how you will be able to make yourself wealthy.  If you want a successful business or a specific job, God will also show you the ways to be successful at that.  All in all, this piece will give you holy visions of God for anything that you want in your life.  You simply have to obey the visions and follow the paths that are shown to you.  If you choose not to follow the path, that is up to you, just don't expect the success you are looking for.  If you follow the path that is shown to you in your visions, then you can be sure that God will help you overcome all the obstacles that stand in your way.  This is because this piece will show you visions of how to achieve victory.  You can go wrong with this piece.  It is a surefire way to come out on top of every situation.  Like they say, it's always better to take life by the horns!  
The ring you get is a little on the small side.  The side profile of the man represents Constantine.  If it doesn't fit you can feel free to wear it as a pendant on a chain.  
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