Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy        

Back flower therapy is a type of homeopathic aromatherapy developed in the 1930s by a physician in Britain named Edward Bach.  He had the psychic intuition to be able to discover the healing effect of 38 wildflowers.  His discoveries were made through his psychic inspirations.  For example, maybe he was on a walk and had a psychic connection to a certain plant or flower.  He would then be able to come to a conclusion as to what they healing property of that plant or flower was.  From these intuitions he could prepare "essences" using pure water and the spiritual properties in plants. 

Bach claimed that wildflowers and all living vegetation has a souls or energy with affinity to the human soul and the energy of each is transferable through water.  People who follow his teachings mix flower, plants, water and brandy together to drink the soul of the flower so that way its spiritual properties can harmonize with their own. 

This item is one that was by Dr. Bach right before he passed away in 1936.  It will give you the psychic ability that he had and allow you to discover the spiritual healing properties of everything around you in nature.  You will then be able to draw powers directly from these things.  You won't even have to make concoction.  Once you draw the powers you will obtain these powers forever.  You will gain all the spiritual properties whether it is enlightenment or tranquility or the ability to undergo spiritual journeys... the possibilities are really limitless because there are so many types of living plants around. 

This piece will also teach you how to mix different types of plants and flowers together to achieve desired effects such as astral travel!  It is very effective.  It will allow you to practice these healing techniques on others and to divine piece of your very own! 

Bach Flower Therapy
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