Bachal Isa-- the Staff of Jesus Christ

Bachal Isa-- the Staff of Jesus Christ<br /><br />

Let's pretend we were playing Family Feud.  I tell you to name a person from the Bible who used a rod to perform his miracles.  What would your answer be?  Moses, most likely; perhaps Aaron or Joseph.  How about Jesus?? Yes, Jesus had a staff, too.  It wasn't as well documented in the Bible as Moses' or his brother Aaron's, but he did have a magic staff.  The ironic part about this is that his staff was much more powerful than that of any other prophet, prophetess or angel.  Jesus was the divine presence incarnate.  He was God in the flesh.  His powers are the powers associated directly with the Holy Trinity... they are the powers that allow life to even happen.  I can prove it to you.  Take the following verse, straight from the Bible, into consideration:  <br /><br />

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.<br /><br />

Notice that in the passage, the words rod and staff are mentioned.  If you dig way down deep, you will also find that there are metaphors in this passage that tell the reader that the staff of Jesus Christ was packed with powers and and mystical abilities.  Further yet, the staff of Jesus holds the ability to grant these powers unto to others.  Here's the history.  <br /><br />

The original staff of Jesus, God the Son was given to him by his paternal deification, God the Father.  It was filled with the magic factor of the Holy Trinity, God the Holy Spirit.  In this way, the trinity would be kept together at all times.  When Jesus was very young, he was given the staff by his mother who received the staff in a vision that she received from a host of Seraphim.  At this age, Jesus was still kept in a mortal state of mind.  He had no idea of the magic that was kept in his staff.  It wasn't until he realized that he was the Messiah that the powers in his staff came to full fruition.  In the meantime, their powers protected him from the evil onslaught of demonic hosts that were tryi to take over his power.  You see, they had never gotten over that fact that they were thrown into Hell.  They wanted to take over Heave, but the power in the Staff prevented that. <br /><br />

After Jesus realized his full potential, and that he was sent to die as the Son of Man to save us from our transgressions, the power in his staff reached full capacity.  He used it for many miracles including healing the blind, making the deaf hear, curing lepers, walking on water, controlling the weather, feeding the masses, opening up the sky to peer into the Heavens, and much more.  In his staff were stone from Heaven.  Existent in the staff was anything from rubies to emeralds to diamond and many other precious stones, which held no materialistic value other than the fact that it contain the magic of God.  It wasn't a divination from God-- it was the actual thing.  It was the actual magic.  <br /><br />

Upon his crucifixion, Jesus distributed the power of the staff to an Island in the Etruscan Sea.  It wasn't until over a thousand years later that the staff was awarded to Saint Patrick by a hermit who had received the staff on the island in the Etruscan Sea.  He told St. Patrick that the staff shall be given to "He that shall be called the Father of Ireland."  Lo and behold, St. Patrick was sainted became the Patron Saint of Ireland.  <br /><br />

When St. Patrick founded the Armagh Cathedral, he blessed and sanctified it with the Staff of Jesus.  He stored the staff, which he referred to as his sacred crozier, in his beloved Cathedral upon its founding.  The power's of his crozier have been emanated and used to make many religious relics including sacred crosses, grails, chalices and busts.  It has been used to divine the gospels of St. Patrick and many sepulchre alcoves. <br /><br />

After the death of St Patrick, the staff was burned on High Street in Dublin and given up as a sacrifice to the Lord by Arch-bishop George Brown.  The staff was stripped of its gems, which hold the powers of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.  These gems are the ones that have been venerated and continue to be venerated.  These gems traveled with Jesus all of his life.  They were there for every step of the journey.  They hold the power of the Messiah.  They were also with St Patrick for much of his life as a religious cleric.  They hold all the powers of his sainthood and his devotion to Christ makes them even stronger.<br /><br />

The piece I am offering holds one of these gems.  Don't ask me how we got this, because I'm not able to say.  It is a source of many items and the name is to remain unspoken.  With that being said, this piece has been tested by every member of our staff to assure authenticity and accuracy.  With this piece you will gain the unadulterated white powers of Jesus, who is one third of the faction of God.  You will gain the magic of the Holy Spirit and the authority and command of God.  You will become powerful over all beings including evil and darkness, and magic and mystique will come as no challenge to you.  In fact, you will be a grand master of all magics, because you will have creationary power which leaves no magic outside of your jurisdiction.  <br /><br />

This piece will serve as an annal of time.  It has walked the walk of Jesus Christ and will take you back to his day and allow you to witness his life first hand.  You will travel with him as one of his apostles.  You will be given secrets that nobody outside of the Holy Twelve Apostles have received.  You will be able to walk in the light of the Messiah, which will relinquish your soul of anything that is holding you back.  This will allow you to be successful, as it has allowed St. Patrick to be successful in all of his endeavors.  <br /><br />

You will be given the Christendom of St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland.  You will be given his ability to communicate with Angels and to create holy inspiration where there was none before.  You can use this power to enlighten yourself... and others if you so choose.  Once you have been enlightened you will have knowledge of existence and what it all means.  You will be given the ability to receive holy messages and visions like those of St. Patrick.  Under the influence of St. Patrick, you will given the spark of mortal magic, which was a gift from God to St. Patrick via his sacred Crozier.  <br /><br />

This piece is the real deal and all of our staff have been move or touched by this piece in one way or another.  Magic affects all of us differently, so we all have a different story to tell.  The important part is that we all concur that this piece is very powerful and will work for you in ways no other piece has ever worked before.  You do not want to let this one go.  If you hesitate a moment, it might be too late.  I feel like if you have read this long, it was mostly likely predestined to have this piece.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by!!  <br /><br />

This piece is in solid 14k gold with that wonderful stone in it's mouth. What has happened to many using it is healing and curing of many illnesses,one being major. We can not account for anything else that could have cured this. It was not with one of the staff but a Vet that was in a home. Some of the staff however have used it on family members for serious issues and that dissapeared with again no explanation except for this ring. We did find that in the wrong hands it can be used for ill wishes. We found that this is possible because of how and why the stones were lost from the staff in the first place. It was like it was meant to be. Speaking to a priest which I personally did not want to do because I feel they are not the authority on all things religious. As many of you know I'm not Catholic but have no problem with the people just the fact that praying to Mary to me is not cool,false idol and all that. I also don't like that many are told they must have a priest pray over them or they go to hell,purgatory or whatever. I don't find this true.

Bachal Isa-- the Staff of Jesus Christ
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