Bardstown Cat-Burglar/F*

There is a large and very unusual black cat that haunts a cemetery located in Bardstown, Kentucky. The old cemetery where the cat lurks has above ground crypts that are in disrepair, and the bones that were contained inside the crypts have long turned to dust. No inscriptions were even readable on the crypts.

The cat is larger than an average housecat and when it is around you will feel a chill wind cross your path, even on the hottest summer days. If you enter the cemetery grounds the cat’s eyes will glow and follow you; his eyes have a stunning supernatural light about them. If you glance away from him, he will disappear and reappear in another part of the cemetery.... he will do this without any noticeable movement, always watching.

It was believed that the cat embodies a spirit of one of the people who were buried in the crypts. Our team was on a roadtrip and I remembered this story; I convinced everyone that it would be a good idea to take a detour to go see the cemetery and find out if it was really haunted!?

Many people have noted the cat and at least one person had seen the same cat for over 25 years; a woman named Karen said that after her first encounter she was drawn back to the cemetery on occasion to see if the cat would appear. It always did; and she stated that the cat looked like it never aged over the 25 year span.

When we arrived I was filled with excitement; I love cats and of course work with the spirit world, so two of my favorite things! The crypts were in real disarray, it was a cemetery that was poorly taken care of, and was deteriorating. Lindy and I were walking around the cemetery while the others rested in the car; they weren't as excited as I was.

We were near the back of the cemetery when Lindy spotted the black cat, she pointed it out and I was elated! I called the cat over to me, but it wasn't coming any closer; I decided to go towards it. As I went toward I noticed the amazing glow that shined from the cats eyes... it was stunning and pure!

I looked back at Lindy to see if she was following and then glanced back and the cat was gone. I looked around in amazement, where did he go? We then spotted him on top of a crypt that was all broken up; we went towards where he was and as soon as we got near he was gone, but we looked inside this decaying crypt and found an awesome find!

There was a jeweled piece inside from the 1800's. I reached in and picked up the item, it, like the cats eyes, glowed with a stunning light. Lindy and I ran back with our find to show the others.

Once we were back on the road we were able to start exploring the piece, and I felt outrageous energy from it. We found out from testing that the piece belonged to Ruthy Barrett, who passed away in 1854. We learned that the cat is the spirit of William Barrett, who died in 1859 at the age of 21. He was the grandson of Ruthy and mourned her death so bad that he killed himself 5 years after she died because he couldn't handle the grief anymore.

Ruthie raised William as her own and so her death took a huge toll on him. He used to linger in the cemetery every day after her death to visit her grave. He would go and talk to her and tell her his darkest secrets. The pattern of visiting the cemetery brought his spirit back as a cat to visit the tombs each day.

The piece we found holds the power of conversion and path guidance. It holds the tunnel that opens communication to the other side. This piece enabled Ruthie and William to share emotions and feelings with one another, after Ruthie had passed and William still survived. This piece was in the crypt for years waiting to be found so someone in need could use it to communicate with the dead.

Wearing this piece will allow you access to have conversations with friends and family that have passed. We all like to keep those we loved in our hearts, and with this piece you will be able to open up the energies between our world and the spirit world. You will be able to feel the answers and feelings of that of who you call upon!

And for good measure we think you should call upon William Barrett to thank him for allowing this piece to be found, and letting it become available to you!

Communication is key in having a successful life and sometimes we never get to say what we wanted while someone is here with us, so don't think it is too late... get this piece and relish in the ability to get guilt off your heart for words that were left unspoken!
Bardstown Cat-Burglar/F*
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